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Supplies are individual games in Triviador. Supplies are stored in the Armory, which is located at the top of the game's Main Menu/Start Screen.

The Armory shows how many Supplies you have and the amount of time until your next set of supplies gets refilled, as well as a "+" sign, which can be clicked in order to purchase a refill.

Every player begins with a base set of 75 Supplies. As you progress in level, additional supplies will become available, until you reach the maximum level of 165 Supplies. One "Normal" Triviador game costs 15 Supplies.

Supplies System Description:
  • Base Supplies = 75 Supplies

  • Supplies Refill: 1 Supply replenishes every 5 minutes. (75 minutes = 1 Normal Game)

  • From Level 10: Level-Up = Supllies Refill

  • From Level 11: Level-Up = +1 Supplies (until Level 100, when you will reach the maximum limit of 165 Supplies)

  • Purchasing Supplies:
    • Players can ONLY purchase a full refill. The cost of the refill is 20,000 Gold
    • No Overloading
      • Example: If a level 10 player, who will have a maximum of 75 Supplies, currently has 50 Supplies in the Armory and purchases a refill, the player will receive 25 Supplies, equaling a total of 75 Supplies. The player will NOT receive 75 supplies in addition to the 50 already in the Armory.

  • You can NOT send nor receive requests for Supplies
    When the transition is made from the existing system of Supplies to the new one, we will calculate every player's Bonus Supplies and they will be transfered over to the new system.
Cost Breakdown by Game:
  1. Triviador Games:
    1. Normal Game = 15 Supplies
    2. Long Game = 15 Supplies
    3. Friendly Game: Supplies are only deducted from the player who issues the invitations
      1. With Registered Friend = 3 Supplies per Friend (including Robots)
      2. With Non-Registered Friend (a FB friend that has NEVER played Triviador) = 0 Supplies

  2. Mini-Tournament:30 Supplies