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Question Factory

Create Your Own Questions for Triviador!

Upon reaching level 13, you will be able to write and submit new Questions for Triviador.

What are the Question Subject in Triviador?

Literature Math & Physics Biology & Chemistry Sport Entertainment Lifestyle Art Everyday Geography History

How to Submit Questions:
  1. Begin by clicking on the Library building in the Village.

  2. At the top of the window, click on the Subject for which you would like to write and submit Questions. The Subject marked with the "Pencil" icon represent's the Subject for the current "Weekly Question Challenge".

    At the bottom of the window, choose which kind of Question you would like to write by clicking on the Green "Add" button:
    • Guess Questions
    • Multiple Choice Questions
  1. You can choose the Subject you want to write a Question for by clicking on the Subject Icon Tabs at the top of the window. Alternatively, if you are in the Guess Question or Multiple Choice Question window, you can switch Subjects by clicking on the "Change Subject" button.
  1. Create your Question and answer options by filling in all text fields in the Question window.

    The following are some Basic Rules & Guidelines for Creating New Questions:
    • Submit only your own Question(s) into the game. Do NOT copy Questions from another quiz/trivia game, or other sources.
    • Questions should be interesting, thought-provoking, and should be written in a way that the players will be able to clearly understand what is being asked.
    • If you create a Multiple Choice Question, please fill in ALL 4 possible answers
    • If you create a Guess Question, the answer should be a whole number, with no decimals. Avoid asking for approximate answers - the answer must be exact.
    • Please use a spell-checker and make sure to use proper punctuation, such as quotation marks around titles and capitalization of proper names, places, etc.
    • Capitalize all 4 possible answers in Multiple Choice Questions.

  2. You can view the status of your Questions and all of your statistics by clicking on the "Show Statistics" button. Here you can scroll and view all of the Questions you have submitted in each category over time, and all of the details pertaining to each.

Thank you for sending new Questions! Your submissions help improve the game by making it more interesting and exciting.

Weekly Question Challenge

Every week there is a Weekly Question Challenge in a particular Subject (indicated with a "pencil" icon). Players can still submit Questions for other Subjects, but the Questions will be stored until that specific Subject comes up in the Weekly Question Challenge.

When a Question is submitted, it is sent to the "Question Mini-Quiz". There, player-written Questions will be reviewed and rated by other players. This is called the "Qualifying Round". The top 200 best-rated Guess Questions, and the top 200 best-rated Multiple Choice Questions will go on to the "Final Round". During this last stage, the Questions are sent to the Site Administrator. They are then reviewed, fact-checked, checked against the existing Question database for duplicates, and checked for grammar and wording. The Questions are then either deleted, or entered into the game by the Administrator.

Players whose Questions are put into the game, will receive a Question Sender Statue!