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Question Mini-Quiz

At the start of each game you will be asked to rate 5 player-submitted Questions. From these Questions, the Top 200 Rated Questions will be put into the game. Every week, Questions from a different Subject will be presented - based on the Subject for the previous week's Question Challenge. This is called the "Question Mini-Quiz".

How the Question Mini-Quiz Works:
  1. Players are asked if they want to play the Mini-Quiz. There are 3 answer options:
    1. "Play" button to begin the Mini-Quiz immediately
    2. "Skip Today" button to NOT be asked again for the day
    3. "Never Want it" button to never be asked again (this can be re-activated in the Settings Menu)
  1. If you choose to "Play" the Mini-Quiz, you will be presented with the first of five questions (1/5). You can:
    1. |Answer the Question
    2. Mark it as “No Sense
    3. Mark it as “Offensive
  1. The next step asks you to rate the Question. Select "thumbs up" if you want to see the question in the game, or "thumbs down" if you do NOT want to see the Question in the game.
  1. After rating the Question, you can point out any grammatical errors or incorrect data, as well as comment on the Question.
  1. These steps will be repeated for all 5 questions. Thank you for rating Questions!