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What is a Clan?

A Clan is a group of players with a unique name and Coat-of-Arms (Coming Soon). Players are able to establish Clans and invite friends to join. A Clan can play together in order to achieve specific missions and goals, which will provide each player with significant benefits in the game. It is not necessary to create or join a Clan in order to play Triviador.


Establishing a Clan:

Every player can establish a Clan after the first game. Establishing a Clan is FREE.

How to Establish a Clan:
  1. Open the Clan Lodge window & click on the "Create" button
  2. Choose a Clan Name (must be between 4 - 24 characters)
  3. Write a Clan Description (up to 750 characters)
  4. Select the Clan Membership Settings you want:
    1. Invite Only: New members cannot ask to join the Clan. New members must be invited by Clan Founder/Admins.
    2. Private: New members must meet requirements to join the Clan. Applicants must be accepted by Admin.
    3. Public: Admission to Clan is open to all. New members are accepted automatically.
  5. Set Requirements: If you choose the Private or Public Clan Membership setting, you can set both the minimum XP level for applicants as well as the minimum League level.
  6. Click on “Establish
  7. Invite up to 4 friends to join your Clan

Joining a Clan:

A player can join an existing Clan by:
  1. Opening the Clan Lodge window
  2. (De)select how you want to filter the list of available Clans:
    • Clans with Instant Membership: these are Clans that have NO minimum requirements that have to be met in order to join them. Your membership is instant once you press the "Join" button. Clans with instant membership will have a Green "Join" button.
    • Clans with membership Requirements:these are clans that have minimum requirements that you must meet before you can join. When you click on the "Join" button, the Founder / Admins of the Clan MUST review your request and accept it BEFORE you can become a member of the Clan. Clans with membership requirements will have a Yellow "Join" button.
  3. To see more information about a prospective Clan you may want to join, click on the Clan's name in the "Join Clan" list.
  4. Once you know which Clan you would like to Join, click on the "Join" button.

Leaving a Clan:

To leave a Clan, click on the panel in the Clan Lodge window where the Clan Members are listed. In the Clan Members window, click on your own avatar to bring up your Member Stats panel. There you will find a button labeled "Leave the Clan".

If you leave a Clan, you will lose all your stats within that Clan, but you and the Clan do NOT lose any XP that has already been accrued. In order to rejoin the same Clan, or any other Clan, you must repeat same process for Joining a Clan as described above.

NOTE: If you delete the Triviador App from your Facebook account, you will be automatically ejected from your Clan! This is necessary in order to make the member slot you occupied available again for other players wishing to join the Clan.


Clan Names:
  • Once a Clan name is chosen, it can NOT be changed.
  • The name must be between 4 and 24 characters, and it must be unique.
  • A Clan name can be flagged if reported by other players as "Invalid". Flagged Clan names must change their name in order for the Clan to be visible to other players.
  • A Clan name will be considered "Invalid" if it contains any of the following:
    1. Sexually explicit content
    2. Profane language
    3. Discriminatory language
    4. Offensive language
    5. Personal attacks
    6. Aggressive or threatening language
    7. Politically sensitive content
    8. Advertisements
Reporting a Clan:

Players can report a Clan for the following reason: "Invlaid Clan Name".

This is done by pressing the "Report this clan" button in the "Clan" window.

How it Works:
  1. When a Clan is reported, we receive a notification in our database
  2. After a certain number of reports, the database blocks the Clan name (i.e. flag the name for change)
  3. The Founder of the reported Clan receives a notification requesting that the Clan name be changed
  4. Once the name is changed, we receive a notification in the database informing us of the change
  5. The new name is then compared to a list of "Banned Names" in the database as well as to the game's Chat Filter, and either accepted or rejected. If accepted, the Clan will be unblocked. If rejected, the Clan Founder must choose another name.
A Clan that has been blocked will NOT appear in any Rank List and will NOT be eligible to compete in the Weekly Challenge. Once unblocked, these privileges will be restored.

My Clan:

The My Clan window is where the Founder, Admins and Members can manage the Clan and engage with each other as members. Here you will find 3 main panels:
  1. Clan Info Panel: This panel gives a basic summary of the CLan's stats, including Clan Name, Level, Number of Members, Weekly Xp, etc. Click on this panel to get more information about the Clan.
  2. Members Panel: This panel displays a list of current Clan Members as well as Friends who can be invited to join the Clan. Click on this panel for more information on each member, their status in the Clan, etc.
  3. Clan Chat Panel: This panel is for the Clan Chat. Click on it to open the Clan Chat Window.


Members of a Clan:

Clans can have as many members as its level. Only players who have a user name can become members of a Clan.

When you establish a Clan, it will be at level 1. You can invite up to 4 friends to join your Clan. In order to invite the 5th member you have to collect enough XP to reach Clan level 5.

  • Active Member:
    A member of a Clan that has played the game in the last 3 days (the games must be completed).

  • Founder:
    The Founder is the player who established the Clan. The Founder can invite and remove members to/from the Clan, and appoint Clan Administrators.

  • Leader:
    If the Founder leaves the Clan, the Admin will receive all the rights of the Founder and will then become the Leader of the Clan. In other words, the Leader is effectively the new "Founder" of the Clan.

  • Administrator:
    The Administrator, by default, is defined as the ACTIVE Clan member with the MOST XP. However, this member does NOT become an Admin automatically. Clan Admins must be APPOINTED by the Founder/Leader. Any member of the Clan can be appointed Admin. There is no limit on how many members can become Admins in a Clan.

    Admins have the right to invite and remove members to/from the Clan.

    In the case that the Founder leaves the Clan, the appointed Admin, or the active member with the most XP (the default Admin), will become the Leader and will receive all of the Founder's rights and privileges. If there are multiple Admins in the Clan, then the active Admin with the most XP will be the next Leader. If the new Leader decides to leave the Clan, the same process will be repeated - the rights and privileges of the Leader will be transferred to the active member of the Clan with the most XP, or to whomever is the appointed Admin.
Every member can leave the Clan at any time.

The Founder can delete the Clan if there are no other members in the Clan. If the Founder leaves, the Leader can delete the Clan.

Appointing an Administrator & Kicking Members Out:

If you are the Founder/Leader of your Clan, you can appoint/remove a Clan Admin as well as Kick out existing Members from your Clan. To do this:
  1. Click on the Members panel in the Clan Lodge window.
  2. Click on the Member you would like to promote or kick out.
  3. Choose what you would like to do by click on either the Green "Promote to Admin" button, or the Red "Kick Out" button.
  4. To take Admin rights away from a player, follow steps 1-3, and click on the Red "Demote Member" button.


Inactive Clans:

If all members of a Clan are inactive (defined as no competition games played, and/or XP collected for 14 days), the Clan will be deleted. Once deleted, all of the Clans stats will be permanently erased. There is NO undoing this process.

Clan XP & Level:

The level of the Clan depends on the amount of XP collected. The members of the Clan receive XP during competition games (which does NOT include Friendly Games). The highest level is 50.

Why it’s Worth Joining/Founding a Clan:

If you are a member of a Clan, you will earn “Clan Bonus XP” in your games.
Clan Bonus XP = Total XP * (number of the ACTIVE the clan / 100)

As a Clan Member, you will earn more XP in your games allowing you to improve your position in the Rank List.

Clan Chat:

The Clan Chat allows members of a Clan to chat with one another in a private room. The Clan Chat can be accessed through the "My Clan" tab in the Clan Lodge window by clicking on the Clan Chat panel.

The Clan Chat is available at any level.

Messages remains in the Clan Chat window for up to 3 days and a maximum of one hundred messages will be displayed. Any message older than this are deleted from the Clan Chat window automatically.



NOTE: Click here for more information about the Clan Rank List