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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. How are opponents matched?
  2. How do I get Serial Boosters?
  3. How do I upgrade my castle?
  4. When does the Weekly Challenge end?
  5. Why can't I invite my friends?
  6. How do the Ads for free boosters work?
  7. How do I change my User Name/Clan Name?
  8. How do I delete my account?
  9. Why did I disappear from my Clan Roster?
  10. Why are my questions not being accepted into the game?
  11. Are the questions in a particular version of Triviador supposed to be specific to that country?
  12. Why am I losing my internet connection?
  13. How do I report chat violations?
  14. What can I do if I suspect someone of cheating?
  15. Why is my Gold disappearing?
  16. Can you make a new Triviador game for my country?
  1. How are opponents matched?

  2. Opponents in Triviador are matched using a complex equation that looks at many aspects of each player's game history. The selection process first looks at the available players currently online and then determines which players are most equal to one another. This is based on stats such as, no-loss series, win-series, correct/incorrect answer ratio, average answer speed, player level, etc.

    Opponents are NOT matched exclusively based on the players' levels. A Player's level in Triviador is NOT a good indicator of which players would make a good match. Because players receive some XP in every game they player, even if they lose, it is possible for anyone to rise to a high level over time.

  3. How do I get Serial Boosters?

  4. Serial Booster can be obtained in the following ways:

    1. Collecting them at the University or Pirate's Den
    2. Purchasing them in the game. A pop-up window will offer the player a chance to purchase a Serial Booster when you lose a game, bringing your win-series to an end. This offer will only appear if you do NOT have any Serial Boosters in your inventory. Additionally, Serial Boosters can be purchased at the university or Pirate's Den

  5. How do I upgrade my Castle?

  6. The Castle upgrades automatically at the end of the week when the Weekly Challenge ends, so long as the requirements for the upgrade have been met.

  7. When does the Weekly Challenge end?

  8. The Weekly Challenge for Triviador games end at different times. Please check the Help Menu of each game to see that game's Weekly Challenge closing time. The closing times for the English language games are:

    Triviador World: 0:00 UTC Tuesday/Wednesday

    Triviador USA: 0:00 UTC Wednesday/Thursday

  9. Why can't I invite my friends?

  10. There are two types of Invites: one to join your Clan and the other to join Triviador. For all Invites, you can ONLY send one every 5 days (if the recipient does NOT accept the invitation). You can ONLY invite friends to join your Clan who are currently NOT a member of another Clan.

  11. How do the Ads for free Boosters work?

  12. THX Games does NOT own or operate the video advertisements. They are run by other independent companies. The opportunity to watch an advertisement in exchange for game items is offered based on availability. Companies that wish to advertise stipulate the conditions for the ads, such as where they are to be offered and for how long. If you do NOT receive an offer to watch an ad, that is because there are currently no companies paying to advertise in your area.

  13. How do I change my User Name/Clan Name?

  14. In general, User Names and Clan Names CANNOT be changed once chosen. However, if a name violates Triviador's rules, we reserve the right to flag your User Name and/or Clan Name. Once flagged, you will receive an in-game message requesting a name change.

    If you play the game through your Facebook account, Triviador, by default, will use your Facebook name. In this case, it is possible to change your name in your Facebook account, and, after a few days, Triviador will update to your new name.

  15. How do I delete my account?

  16. Facebook: remove the Triviador app from your Facebook account.

    Stand-Alone Website: You can delete your registration in the Setting Menu, under the Personal Data tab. Simply enter your password and select "delete".

  17. Why did I disappear from my Clan Roster?

  18. The most common reason players are removed from their Clans is due to the deletion of the Triviador app from the players' Facebook accounts.

    When you delete the app from your Facebook account, you are automatically removed from your Clan. You do NOT, however, lose your other stats (level, boosters, gold, etc.).

    To rejoin your Clan, you must be re-invited either by the Clan Founder or any of the Admins. It is also possible that you are no longer listed as a member of a Clan because the Founder or Admin(s) chose to remove you from the Clan.

    If you registered your account through our stand-alone websites, and NOT Facebook, and you decide to delete your account via the Settings Menu, BOTH your stats AND Clan membership WILL be deleted.

  19. Why are my questions not being accepted into the game?

  20. Please see the Sending New Questions and the Questions Factory sections of the Help Menu for more information about the question writing/reviewing process.

    The most common reasons for rejecting a question are:

    • Question already in the game's database
    • Cannot be fact checked/multiple possible answers
    • Poorly worded/very bad grammar
      Note: we do our best to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but if the question is incomprehensible, we reject it
    • Insensitive/discriminatory (i.e.: racist, sexist, etc.)
    • Inappropriately worded/composed for question type
      Example: questions with approximate answers are NOT appropriate for Guess Questions, but are better suited as Multiple Choice Questions

  21. Are the questions in a particular version of Triviador supposed to be specific to that country?

  22. The questions in the game are player generated. That means that players write the questions and review the questions. Those with the best reviews get into the game so long as they are not duplicates, very poorly written, and if they can be accurately fact-checked. We at Triviador do NOT write questions, nor do we delete questions for personal reasons... we try to keep it in the hands of the players as much as is possible. Our role is to just do the final review to make sure the questions fit the criteria mentioned above.

    The purpose of having different versions of Triviador is not to limit the questions just to one particular game (ie: Triv USA = USA based questions; Triv Deutschland = German-based questions). We would like to see questions about EVERYTHING in EVERY game. The idea of the different games is to give people a chance to play in their own language and on a map of their own country, and to have the questions generated by native speakers who understand the nuances of their language, culture, history, world knowledge, etc.

  23. Why am I losing my internet connection?

  24. Triviador is a complex game with many features and therefore consumes a lot of bandwidth. Slow internet connections and/or being disconnected from the game can occur for any number of reasons. When playing Triviador it is best NOT to have any other band-width hungry applications running. For example, do not stream video while playing, do not download other content while playing, close torrent clients, etc.

    If connectivity problems are sporadic, please be patient and wait a bit before logging into the game again to see if the problem was due to high traffic volume, or other everyday issues; if it is constant, then please check the relevant Facebook Fan Page for information. If none is available, then please let us know about the issue.

    In the case of major problems (i.e. power outage, server failure, hardware failure, etc), you will be informed through our Facebook Fan Pages.

    Things to try if having connectivity issues:

    • Try logging into another Triviador Game. Our games are hosted on different servers in different parts of the world. If the USA game, for example, has problems, check World to see if it is working. If the problem is game specific, the connection issues are most likely due to problems with local networks.

    • Check your internet connection. There are many free websites that allow you to do this. If you suspect that the connection issue is specific to you, please contact you local ISP.

    • Check other online games to see if the connection problem persists. REMEMBER: Triviador is NOT the same as other Facebook games. You should check big games like FPS, NOT small games like Match 3, or Time-Management games.

  25. How do I report Chat violations?

  26. Chat violations can be reported in two primary ways:

    (i) by sending us an email at info@triviador.com
    (ii)by posting your report on our Facebook Fan Page

    Please provide a screenshot whenever possible along with where the violation took place (for example: Triviador USA/World; lobby/in-game, one/multiple infractions, etc.).

  27. What can I do if I suspect someone of cheating?

  28. If you suspect someone of cheating please report them using the same means as described above for reporting Chat violations. It is very important that you provide as much evidence as possible. This includes screenshots, answer times, evidence of consistent "cheating" behavior, etc. The more evidence provided, the stronger the case against a suspected cheater will be and the more likely we can take action.

  29. Why is my Gold disappearing?

  30. Gold can not disappear from your account. We do not deduct Gold for anything. The only way for your Gold amount will decrease is if you spend it. Commonly, players purchase Boosters selecting the Booster in the Question Window during a game. Purchasing Boosters during a game cost much more than if the same purchase were made in the Marketplace before playing a game. This higher price is called the "War Time" Price and is clearly marked in the Marketplace window and with the price (2000 Gold) can be seen directly under the Boosters in the question window. It is in a bold red font. Additionally, information about the War Time Price can also be found in the Marketplace section of this Help Menu.

  31. Can you make a new Triviador game for my country?

  32. Making a new version of Triviador is NOT a simple task. It is a very large, expensive and complex process that can take a minimum of a year to complete. Each version of Triviador is NOT just a simple carbon copy of another Triviador game that has been translated. We are proud of our commitment to the idea of "localization". This means that although we are an international game, each version of Triviador functions as a native product of the country in question. For example: Triviador USA has an Admin Team comprised of native American English speakers, all of them were born and raised in the United States, the questions in the game were written and reviewed by Triviador USA players (although players from other parts of the world who make an account in this game can also submit questions), the advertisements are for local, regional and national businesses and products in the US, and so on.

    In order for us to make a new Triviador game for a new country and for us to adhere to the principle of localization, we would need a minimum of one year to make the new game - usually requiring several years to complete. We would need accountants, lawyers, partner companies, ISPs, etc. from that country; the laws of that country would have to be conducive to foreign companies doing business there; we would have to hire admins from that country, etc. Because fo the complexity and difficulty of this process, we cannot just enter a new market blindly hoping the game will be successful. The market in the prospective country must also be compliant with mainstream commercial behavior online. If the potential pool of players is too small, or the environment in the country does not promote financially supporting online games, but rather encourages hacking, stealing, cheating, etc., then the viability of the new game would be in danger, which could have a negative ripple effect on the viability of other Triviador games. We are a small company and not a giant multinational that can afford to take huge losses on new ideas. We are always open to considering a new country where we can introduce Triviador, but we do require that prospective partners from that country make a serious and professional pitch with the proper documentation, market research, legal and financial documentation as well as a business plan - all of which should conform to international professional standards. If we receive a proposal that does not meet these minimum requirement, we will not look at it.