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The language used in the Chat rooms MUST be the same as the Official Language of the country version of Triviador that you are playing!

(Example: Triviador World & USA = English, Triviador Mundo & Argentina = Spanish, etc.)

There are 4 types of Chats in the game:
  1. In-Game Chat:

  2. image


    The In-Game Chat feature allows you to Chat with the other players while playing the game.

    In order to access the In-game Chat, you must be at level 14. During the game, you will see n icon in the upper right-hand corner with a chat bubble image. Click on this icon to open the Chat window. You must turn the Chat on in order to use it.

    You can also Chat within a Friendly Game at any level.

    Special Note for iOS & Android Apps:

    The In-game Chat feature cannot be used while in the midst of a Battle. The Chat can be used after the game has finished. This is due to the limited screen space on mobile devices.

  3. Friendly Chat

  4. image


    The Friendly Chat can be accessed through the Lobby Chat window located in the Town Hall Building. To open a Friendly Chat window, click on the Green "Plus Sign" button ocated next to your Friend's Avatar

    Friendly Chats are NOT filtered or monitored. They are completely private. You may use any language in a private Friendly Chat room.

  5. Lobby Chat:

  6. image

    This feature accessed by clicking on the "Town Hall" building in the Village. Here you can Chat with any player who enters the Lobby

    The Lobby Chat is available from level 20 onward. The Town Hall building will appear in the Village at Level 16, but you will NOT be able to Chat until level 20..

    If you are a Member of a Clan, you can also access the Clan Chat via the Lobby by clicking on the Clan Tab above the Chat window.

  7. Clan Chat:

  8. image


    This feature allows Members of a Clan to Chat with one another in the Lobby. Additionally, the Clan Chat can also be accessed in the Clan Lodge building.

    The Clan Chat is available at any level, but you must have at least 2 active Members in your Clan in order to access it. The Clan Chat feature is found in both the Clan Lodge building & the Lobby Chat.

NOTE: Click here for more information about Chat Rules