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You can find all your available Soldiers by going to the Settings Menu in the game, and scrolling through the Soldier Window using the left/right arrows. Here you can:
  1. Select Soldiers for the game
  2. Purchase both Paid and Special Soldiers
Free Soldiers:
Free Soldiers are the default options available to all Players free of charge.

Free Soldiers
Type Female Male
Red Blue Green Red Blue Green
Basic Soldiers Basic Red Female Soldier Basic Blue Female Soldier Basic Green Female Soldier Basic Red Male Soldier Basic Blue Male Soldier Basic Green Male Soldier
Hungarian Soldiers Hungarian Red Female Soldier Hungarian Blue Female Soldier Hungarian Green Female Soldier Hungarian Red Male Soldier Hungarian Blue Male Soldier Hungarian Green Male Soldier
Polish Soldiers Polish Red Female Soldier Polish Blue Female Soldier Polish Green Female Soldier Polish Red Male Soldier Polish Blue Male Soldier Polish Green Male Soldier
Arab Soldiers Arab Red Female Soldier Arab Blue Female Soldier Arab Green Female Soldier Arab Red Male Soldier Arab Blue Male Soldier Arab Green Male Soldier
Turkish Soldiers Turkish Red Female Soldier Turkish Blue Female Soldier Turkish Green Female Soldier Turkish Red Male Soldier Turkish Blue Male Soldier Turkish Green Male Soldier
Native American Soldiers Native American Red Female Soldier Native American Blue Female Soldier Native American Green Female Soldier Native American Red Male Soldier Native American Blue Male Soldier Native American Green Male Soldier
Paid Soldiers
Type Female Male
Red Blue Green Red Blue Green
Zombie Soldiers Zombie Red Female Soldier Zombie Blue Female Soldier Zombie Green Female Soldier Zombie Red Male Soldier Zombie Blue Male Soldier Zombie Green Male Soldier
WWII Soldiers WWII Red Female Soldier WWII Blue Female Soldier WWII Green Female Soldier WWII Red Male Soldier WWII Blue Male Soldier WWII Green Male Soldier
Special Soldiers
Type Female Male
Red Blue Green Red Blue Green
Pumpkin Soldiers

Oct 30-
Nov 2
Not Available Not Available Not Available Pumpkin Red Male Soldier Pumpkin Blue Male Soldier Pumpkin Green Male Soldier
Krampus Soldiers

Dec 7-
Dec 31
Krampus Red Female Soldier Krampus Blue Female Soldier Krampus Green Female Soldier Not Available Not Available Not Available
Santa Soldiers

Dec 7-
Dec 31
Not Available Not Available Not Available Santa Red Male Soldier Santa Blue Male Soldier Santa Green Male Soldier
Cupid Soldiers

Feb 11-
Feb 18
Cupid Red Female Soldier Cupid Blue Female Soldier Cupid Green Female Soldier Cupid Red Male Soldier Cupid Blue Male Soldier Cupid Green Male Soldier
Bunny Soldiers

March 23-
March 30
Not Available Not Available Not Available Bunny Red Soldier Bunny Blue Soldier Bunny Green Soldier