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Mini Tournament


The Mini-Tournament opens automatically at varying times, depending on the traffic volume of the site. During the "opening hours", Tournaments will begin continuously. When 27 players enter the room, the Tournament will begin. When there are another 27 players in the room, another Tournament will start, etc. In the Mini-Tournament window, you can see the remaining time until the next Tournament begins.


Entry Fee/Prize:

The Mini Tournament entry fee is 30 Supplies. Participation in the Mini Tournament will earn you XP. The XP breakdown is as follows:

Mini-Tournament RankingXP Awarded# of Games Played XP Earned Per Game Required Wins Per Game
1st Place80003 2,667 1, 1, 1
2nd Place40003 1,333 1, 1, 2
3rd Place20003 667 1, 1, 3
4th - 6th Place10002 500 1, 2
7th - 9th Place5002 250 1, 3
10th - 18th Place2001 200 2
19th - 27th Place1001 100 3


The questions are taken from the Triviador Database.

The Game:

Every Tournament begins with 27 players and includes 3 rounds of games. The winners continue to play, while the losers are eliminated:
  • The first round is for all 27 players, consisting of 9 games played simultaneously (3 players per game);
  • The second round is for the 9 best players , consisting of 3 games played simultaneously;
  • The third round is for the best 3, consisting of 1 game.
When players lose a game they are eliminated from the Tournament, but they can enter into a new Tournament (during the "opening hours"). During the game, players will not be able to see each others' names and the in-game chat will be disabled. The games follow the normal rules.

Players do not have to register for the Mini Tournament.