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League & Rank Lists


The main Rank List in Triviador is the League System.
The League System refers ONLY to the "Personal" Rank List.
When you play a Competition game as an individual player,
you automatically take part in the Weekly Challenge and are
therefore placed into the League System.

There are 4 main Rank Lists in Triviador:
  1. Friend
  2. Personal
  3. Country/Region
  4. Clan
Each Rank List is broken down into 3 categories:
  1. All-Time: Based on absolute XP level for all Active players. This is independent of the League System.
  2. This Week: Based on your current position in the League System in the current Weekly Challenge.
  3. Last Week: Based on your current position in the League System in the previous week's Weekly Challenge.
Triviador is comprised of 7 Leagues:
  • Triviadors (level 1)
  • Nobles (level 2)
  • Knights (level 3)
  • Warriors (level 4)
  • Rebels (level 5)
  • Survivors (level 6)
  • Hopefuls (level 7)
Each League is broken up into Divisions. These Divisions are NOT visible to the player, but serve to organize players into manageable groups. The number of total Divisions depends on the number of players currently in a particular League. The number of players in each Division is approximately between 16 to 40 individuals. The target size for each Division is 25. The number of Divisions from one level to another will always be directly proportional.

At the end of every Weekly Challenge, the players' XP will be calculated and each player will either: (1) move up to the next League, (2) remain in the same League, or (3) move down to the League below. If you are a new player, you will enter the bottom League (Hopefuls) after reaching 300 XP. You will enter the League immediately upon reaching the required XP. In other words, you do NOT need to wait until the Weekly Challenge ends.
Friend Rank List:
Here you can view your own Ranking and the Rankings of your friends - this includes both Triviador friends and Facebook friends. You must have a minimum of 5 currently active friends in Triviador to view your Rank in this list.
League (Personal) Rank List:
Here you can view your League Ranking, and the Rankings of 2 players above you and 2 players below you.
Country / Region Rank List:
Here you can view Country / Region Rankings. The type of region depends on the different versions of the game. For example, in Triviador World, regions are defined as Country, while in Triviador USA, regions are defined as States.
image image image

Clan Rank List:
The Clan Rank List can be found in the game by clicking on the "Clan Lodge" in the Village and then by selecting the tab entitled "Clan List". The Clan Rank List is divided into 3 categories:
  1. Top 100: This is the "All-Time" Rank List for all Active Clans
  2. Weekly Top 100: Based on the current week's Weekly Challenge results
  3. Last Week's Top 100: Based on the previous week's Weekly Challenge results
image image image

Weekly Challenge: Previous Top 5

You can also access the results of the previous Weekly Challenge Top 5 through the Rank Lists building in the Village. Simply click on the "Previous Top 5 button located at the bottom of the Rank List window. Here you will find the results of the League (Personal) Weekly Challenge, the Clan Weekly Challenge and the Country / Region Weekly Challenge.

Additionally, you can Invite Friends to join you in Triviador through this window. You will also find a count-down timer showing you how much time is left in the current Weekly Challenge.

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